Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Hello Guys,I am Mathew Santos from 8-Sinai the one and only POGI . In this blog, I will show you 3 examples of tweets with wrong grammar and I will make it right.ENJOY

This grammar is wrong. The correct grammar of this sentence is You're Very Kind . You must add "are " because its you if its "Your" its wrong because it tells that is yours 

The Tweet says " I Should be traveling at the way to Paris". That sentence is wrong and funny because its wrong grammar. I'll Make it Right

The correct grammar is"I  should be travelling on the way to Paris" 
The Tweet says " Be careful of Fallen objects". The sentence is definitely wrong "careful of fallen objects is wrong "

The correct grammar is "Be careful of falling objects" .that is the right sentence from this picture

The Tweet says"When your Dad do everything for his fam"In the sentence, the word is wrong.

The correct grammar is "Dad does everything for his family. The word "do" must me"Does

The Tweet says "Were going home". The sentence is wrong because there is no " ' " between e and r

The correct grammar is "We're going home" .That is the correct form of "we're"